When we first saw the breathtaking artwork of Japanese artist Miki Katoh, it was truly love at first sight. Now, we're ecstatic to announce that the talented artist herself has created an original painting exclusively for grape. For those not yet familiar with her, Katoh is a Saitama-born artist most notably known for her elegant paintings of beautiful women in kimono. Juxtaposing elements of traditional and modern, real and surreal, the scenes and atmospheres depicted in her works have grabbed hold of art aficionados all over the world.

For grape Japan, Katoh painted an original piece titled "Kisshou" ("Auspicious Omens"), which the artist describes as a scene showing the ethereal stillness that precedes an impending event of good fortune.

With neons and a glowing Tokyo Tower in the background, a mysterious woman walks through sakura-kissed winds past a retro nomiya (bar) and an Inari Shrine. With no one else in sight, it's as if her presence has left the world momentarily spellbound, though only to imminently burst with newfound life and vigor.

You can visit our Facebook to get a closer look at the artwork. To find out more about Katoh, read our previous article about the artist and head over to her website and Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.