Anime-inspired lingerie is nothing new, as we've seen with this Neon Genesis Evangelion collection, but Japanese illustrator @papao_pao, whose lingerie-concept fan art includes themes based off of Gundam, Dragon Quest, and even chess pieces--may be leading the charge of creative designs with the Twitter buzz they've acquired. The artist recently was met with a lot of attention after designing a lingerie series based on the traits of the 12 Zodiac Signs, so much that Japanese lingerie maker Izumi has decided to pick it up and officially release it.

As is common with Japanese manufacturers when it comes to multi-installment series, the "12 Zodiac Sign Bra and Shorts" collection will be released in separate batches, divided by Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Currently, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, and Aries are listed as the first to be released, with some of their design explained as well.

For instance, the split design of the Gemini entry is supposed to symbolize the characteristic of duality of personality said to be found in those of this Zodiac Sign.

Outside of what might be considered fiery bull colors of Aldebaran, the Taurus is a bit harder to figure out at a glance. The lack of gaudy colors is supposed to symbolize the independent but understated patience of the Taurus, and you can take your pick on the straps being either bull tails or horns.

The Cancer has a very obvious aquatic theme going on, but also reflect the night sky in which the crab constellation was installed by Hera.

The Aries design once again targets the sign's animal, the Ram, but offers the white of a young sheep and a bit of fluff to simulate wool.

Items are available for pre-order on the Izumi website until April 30th, ranging from 3,980 to 4,980 yen, and each comes with the original artwork as a bonus design, in addition to a keyring for those who make a pre-order.

Although they haven't yet been released or modeled, here are @papao_pao's designs for other Zodiac Signs.









By - grape Japan editorial staff.