There are three things you will certainly hit if you throw a stone in a random direction in Japan--convenience stores, vending machines, and idol units. So in order to stand out among the mountain of idol groups, it's not uncommon to see units trying to distinguish themselves with stunts or themes like wearing giant Akita dog heads, grandmas singing about "no rice, no life", or celebrating bunny and panties day on Twitter. Kamen Joshi (Mask Girls) is one of those themed groups. They're an idol unit from Akihabara, and wear masks like the tokusatsu superhero Kamen Rider.

It's more about what they don't wear, this time, however. One of their members. Erina Kamiya, is doing her part to help the group stand out with an instructional video that demonstrates how to undress yourself (or at least take your shirt off) in one swift movement. How useful you find the idea of lifehacking stripping is between you and your gods, but enjoy!

You can follow Kamen Joshi on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as Erina Kamiya on Twitter and Facebook.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.