Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doesn't seem to have a lot of time off. Between filming just about every movie scheduled for the next decade and living in the gym, The People's Champ is a little pressed for time. And yet somehow he managed to pour in some charisma and overtime entertainment on Easter Sunday, dressing up like a giant Pikachu for his daughter Jasmine. While his daughter can't quite pronounce Pikachu's name yet (she adorably pronounces it as "Peekyu"), she seemed to have a lot of fun having her 6'5", 260-pound dad scuttle after her in Pikachu-gear. It probably helps that their cute French Bulldog Hobbs was in on the fun too.

We'll assume The Rock consumed roughly 50 Easter Eggs to recover from the blistering workout of wearing a giant Pikachu head.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.