You know you’re doing something right when your painting is mistaken as one of Vincent Van Gogh’s, which is exactly what happened with New York-based artist Aja Kusick. After her painting of the Eiffel Tower became widely known as “Van Gogh’s Eiffel Tower” (despite it being highly unlikely that the artist would have seen it during his lifetime), she realized there were a plethora of other things Van Gogh has missed out on since his death in 1890. This prompted her to further commit to her Starry Night series, a collection of paintings showing famous characters and landmarks Van Gogh was never able to see with his own eyes under the iconic starry night sky.

Many of the characters painted by the full-time artist, whose work has been featured in publications and galleries around the world, hail from Japanese video games and animations like The Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Studio Ghibli films. Of course, non-Japanese characters and movies have made it onto her canvases as well, including Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Doctor Who, Fight Club, and Calvin and Hobbes.

Kusick’s Starry Night series, along with the rest of her original artwork, can be seen and purchased online from her Etsy store Sagittarius Gallery. You can also check out her website and Facebook for more information and updates.

No Face


Mt. Fuji

The Legend of Zelda



By - grape Japan editorial staff.