One Japanese Twitter User Mataji's (@beppumataji) wife decided to bake a character bread with rows of the popular character Rilakkuma, a bear known for his adorably laid-back style.

So she referred to this video on Facebook. To be honest, the recipe doesn't look so easy to pull off.

This lovable little bear had turned into something really different...

Entitled the "Philosopher's Stone", here's Mataji's wife's version of the character bread.


With all the bears squashed together, you can almost hear them crying out in anguish. What on earth had happened?

This sad rendition has made a bit of an impact on the Japanese Twitter world, with comments like "I've seen this kind of monsters before" "I. Cannot. Stop. Laughing."

How it all came to be

Let's check the ideal recipe versus the "the reality".

But the biggest question is: does it taste good? Here's Mataji's response:

I think eating this might take me to a different realm, but it was delicious.

Despite the looks, it seems that it was filled with love.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.