Note: We've withheld the name and social media account of the hamster and their owner at the owner's request.

This cute little Roborovski hamster has a huge love over exploring toilet paper roll tunnels--the little furball even has a jungle-gym fort of them built for their own amusement. One of the hamster's favorite things to do is hunt down snacks that their owner has laid in tunnels, combining playtime with food time, and resulting in this adorably satisfied look.

All it took was the hamster's human slightly moving the snack to an unusual spot--on top of one of the tubes--to expose the hamster's unique combination of lazy and dedication, however. With the waifer hamster treat just ever-so-slightly out of reach, the cute little guy just refuses to exit the tunnel and try a different approach, instead deciding to desperately flail his paws at the snack. At at least one point in our lives, we have all been this hamster.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.