Nothing quite compares to spending a heart-melting hour or two at an animal cafe, where guests are greeted with adorable creatures ranging from cats, bunnies, hedgehogs, to owls. And while enjoying quality time with any kind of animal does wonders for the soul, cafe goers will jump at the chance to share an afternoon with those that aren’t as easy to meet on a daily basis. That’s why people are flocking to the Kitanozaka Kawauso Cafe, a unique animal cafe with an adorable otter as its star employee.

Located in Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture, guests come to this one-of-a-kind otter cafe to meet Buko, a playful otter who loves cuddling with the customers. Buko is currently the only animal of her kind at the cafe, making her all the more popular with visitors from around the country.

But since always being at the center of attention can get exhausting, Buko has help from her other animal friends. Greeting customers alongside the charming otter are creatures like ferrets, Java sparrows, hedgehogs, and degus.

Guests can visit and frolic with these adorable cafe employees with a drink in hand for 1 hour. Entrance costs 1,000 yen (US$9) on weekdays and 1,200 yen (US$11) on weekends, and playing with Buko will cost customers an additional 500 yen (US$4.60). Get more information on the cafe’s official website, and see what the animals are up to on Twitter and Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.