Just when Attack on Titan fans were getting fully settled into the anime’s 2nd season, the series has announced the approach of special screenings set to take audiences back to the fateful day when it all started. To be shown in planetariums in Tokyo is Shingeki no Kyojin IN THE DOME - The Soldiers’ Starry Sky -, a completely new retelling of the day the titans penetrated the walls of the city on 360-degree screens equipped with state of the art surround sound systems.

The screenings will be held in Konica Minolta planetariums in Tokyo — Tenkū in Tokyo Skytree Town and Manten in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. This never-before-told story has been created specifically for these planetarium screenings, guaranteeing fans a 20-minute showing of a lifetime.

Source: atpress

Shows at the Tokyo Skytree will run from May 20th until October 1st, while those at Sunshine City will run from May 27th to October 29th. There will also be special events held throughout the 5 months of the showings, so stay updated via the Tenkū and Manten planetarium websites.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.