Great Big Story has provided some wonderful insight into some of the more fascinating parts of Japan, such as the history of the fluffy rabbit island, as well as the world of almost-too-beautiful to eat Japanese traditional sweets. Now they're taking a look at one of Japan's brightest and biggest sub-cultures--the colorful world of Dekatora (Decorative Trucks).

Dekatora are lavishly decorated trucks, sporting a 70's Japan retro-art style (sometimes influenced by Gundam!) and almost always featuring elaborate neon and ultraviolet light rigs. While many are simply owned and designed out of a passion for them as an artistic hobby, there are some truckers who actually modify the vehicles they use for work into dekatora. Toei's 70's hardboiled movie series Torakku Yarō (Truck Guys) is often cited as the spark for dekatora enthusiasm in Japan.

In the video, you'll get a glimpse at the depth of the still-surviving sub-culture, as well as the cost--dekatora enthusiast Masaya Kikuchi spent 10 million yen on modifying his truck, and Junichi Tajimi estimates the cost of his three trucks as the same as buying a house!

The hobby may be niche, and you'll have a better chance spotting these extravagant disco-on-wheels at fan events, it's possible to see them driving around very late at night, or gathering in open spaces and parking lots to show off their lights and take a caravan joy ride.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.