If there’s one thing that’s sure to get people’s attention, it’s a bunch of naked macho men bathing in some of the most exquisite hot springs in Japan. That’s why Ibaraki Prefecture’s most recent promotional videos of their myriad onsen areas have featured guys pouring hot water over their chiseled bodies, instead of showing attractive women relaxing in baths like most other advertisements of their kind. No one’s complaining, though, because not only can viewers stare and drool at these muscular men, they can do so in stunning 4K resolution.

Source: YouTube

Released by Ibakira TV, there are currently 3 videos (and hopefully more to come) in total. The series is called the Ibaraki Onsen File, and so far they’ve featured the hot springs at Isohara Seaside Hotel, Marumitsu Ryokan, and Yu No Sawa Spa.

File #1: Isohara Seaside Hotel

File #2: Marumitsu Ryokan

File #3: Yu No Sawa Spa

But despite starring these buff naked men, the videos never even mention their presence, and no information about the mystery men have been released. However, Ibaraki Prefecture assures audiences that the main feature of the videos is the onsen, so who these mesmerizing actors are isn’t all that important. It’s also worth noting that even though they look completely naked, they’re actually wearing beige-colored briefs (so don’t get too excited).

Regardless of what Ibaraki Prefecture has to say, however, we have a feeling a lot of viewers are here for something other than the hot springs.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.