Hokkaido is known for its natural sceneries, diverse wildlife, and heavenly cuisine, but according to Japanese Twitter user and Hokkaido resident @horo_nukanyan, Spring brings out a lot more onto the terrains of Japan's largest prefecture. After the thawing of a long, cold winter, @horo_nukanyan was taking a walk down a mostly unused farm road one day when she bumped into an unusual (and unfortunately, deceased) neighbor.

Enormous and immaculately preserved, it was none other than the skeletal remains of what appeared to have once been a Hokkaido sika deer who "greeted" @horo_nukanyan on her stroll. It is presumed that the deer died during the winter, and since the road was hardly used during that time, the bones were left untouched like a complete specimen to be discovered by an unknowing passerby.

Instead of leaving it in the middle of the street, @horo_nukanyan moved the skeleton to the side of the road. She did notice, however, that crows flocked to the remains to pick the bones and take them for their nest. But that's just the natural cycle of Hokkaido's thriving wildlife, and it looks like she was able to get a rare glimpse of it up close.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.