You may have noticed that whoever runs the fast food chain Wendy's Twitter account has a lot of fun. They don't seem to take the formalities of being a corporate entity too seriously, and seem to have a lot of fun sarcastically engaging Twitter trolls and rival fast food chains. Ever since that little sparring match with Hardee's, people on Twitter (it seems to have started with @professorSugoi/vsock) and other social media accounts have decided to rebrand the Wendy's mascot into a smug anime girl via fan art, inspired by the snarky nature of the official Wendy's account.

Here are just a few of the currently growing mass of smug anime Wendy's mascot girls, many of which have a natural resemblance in both appearance and attitude to Asuka Langley Sohryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.