Celebrations for Kirby's 25th anniversary kicked off with a lingerie and loungewear collection designed perfectly for the occasion, but one longtime fan of Kirby just may have outdone everyone else with her heartfelt stop motion animation made entirely of cross stitch embroidery.

Made with 16 frames in all, Japanese Twitter user @harumichi412's 12-second video shows an adorable, entirely embroidered version of the Kirby Dance, the little jig Kirby performs after the completion of each level of his games.

Since each frame was cross stitched separately, it's safe to assume that this special project was pretty time consuming. Luckily for @harumichi412, this wasn't her first time embroidering her favorite character. In the past, she has stitched up equally amazing works of Kirby and his many abilities including Cutter Kirby and Ninja Kirby.

In creating such a unique stop motion animation of the Kirby Dance, it's evident how much love @harumichi412 has for rambunctious pink puff, and hopefully her devotion will someday reach Nintendo. Who knows, maybe they'll use her original animation in one of the Kirby games!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.