It's safe to say that many artists are drawn to recreating food in miniature size, whether completely edible or as a form of decorative art, and their unbelievably detailed masterpieces of everyday foods and desserts look nothing but real to the unsuspecting eye. This is no different for Japanese artist Tomo Tanaka (@miniature_MH), who often takes to Twitter to share his myriad of miniature food replicas small enough to be served right on our thumbs.

From simple rice balls to lavish French dinners, there's nothing Tanaka can't make with his astonishing dexterity.

Even his half-cooked eggs in a pan are on point.

His steamed dumplings look like they came straight from the local convenience store.

To top it all off, he makes tiny tupperware to keep the leftovers in!

Find more of Takana's creations on Twitter, and visit his online shop Nunu's House where he sells acrylic cases that will safely contain any tiny work of miniature art.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.