Seeing a troop of dancing Pikachus is nothing new (heck, we've seen Pikachus clubbing with lasers shooting out of their eyes), but witnessing the moment of one Pikachu's poor demise is pretty horrifying.

Unfortunately for the guests at the Pokémon World Festival held this year at Songdo, South Korea, this is just what was waiting for them. As a charming group of 15 Pikachus danced along to a medley of pop hits, it was none other than the Pikachu partying it up at the very center who suddenly began to deflate.

Despite his efforts to keep on dancing, he couldn't stop himself from being on the verge of melting into oblivion. Not only did this scar audiences worldwide for life, it was such a huge deal that it required a battalion of suited, running men to drag the limp Pokémon out from center stage.

Source: YouTube

Thankfully, this unlucky Pikachu was rescued safe and sound. As for the show, it was still a success as the remaining 14 Pikachus, albeit surprised and somewhat confused, continued to groove to the music as if nothing had happened.

Watch the entire performance below:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.