Tekken, a Japanese comedian and renowned illustrator, has never failed to reduce audiences to tears with his plethora of touching flip book animations. His works first gained recognition with the moving 3-minute animation "The Pendulum of Life" ("Furiko"), and have since been featured in music videos and media outlets throughout the world.

Now, fans are getting emotional all over again with the recent release of yet another heartfelt project. The animation, titled "A Mother's Perseverance and Happiness," shows the ups and downs of a loving mother and son as they both grow older over the course of two generations. Though it starts with the mother raising her son into an independent young man, their roles are gradually exchanged as old age beings to catch up with the mom.

This tear-jerking animation was a collaborative effort between Tekken and Mazroc, a Japanese company specializing in barrier-free living. With Japan's aging population, families are increasingly coming face-to-face with the harsh realities of elderly care, making this illustrated work all the more relevant and poignant. But in the end, it shows that regardless of everything that may happen between a mother and her child, there will always be, and always has been, love.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.