Japanese online retailer Felissimo is the country's go-to when it comes to getting your paws on inventive feline-themed goods. In the past they've released cat glasses that feel like a kitty is hugging your nose, cat lip-gloss that simulates kissing a wet cat nose, and of course, cat-themed lingerie. Now Felissimo is releasing these cute cat-paw socks that make it easy to walk on hardwood floors and look adorable at the same time.

The socks are the latest in Felissimo's Narikiri Nyanko ("Turn yourself into a cat!") series, and offer realistic squishy rubber cat paw indentures that allow you to more easily walk on hardwood surfaces while wearing socks, much like an elegant kitty stride (although we know that's not always the case!).

The socks are a summer-spring release, and the interior is a soft cotton mixed material with a somewhat loose-fit to help your feet stay comfy but clean during hot weather.

The series of socks features six different designs, one-by-one shipped monthly when ordered. Each design is modeled after a specific type of cat, including Russian Blue and various Tabby cat colors.

As a feline-friendly bonus and a part of an ongoing charity movement with Felissimo's cat-themed goods, a portion of the sales for the socks will go to fund animal charity and welfare services that accommodate cats in need of care and homes. While Felissimo sells them on their Japanese site, those outside of the country can order the socks on the international order site for 808 yen, or $7.18 USD.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.