Believe it or not, it's been 25 years since the Sailor Moon animation was first broadcast in 1992, and young fans whose childhoods were spent imitating the Sailor Scouts' transformations and waving around Moon Sticks are now all grown up. Long gone are the innocent days when fighting invisible enemies lurking in our livings rooms lifted our spirits — instead for us old and jaded folks, a magical drink in a magical glass just might do the trick.

Boozy Sailor Scouts-at-heart can kick back and relax with some delicious wine poured into Sailor Moon wine glasses. Offered by artist Stacy Scollon of Scollon Studio, each glass is made to order and can be custom engraved with anything of the customer's desire.

Although there are plenty of other themed wine glasses available from Scollon Studio, there are 4 different engravings of the Sailor Moon glasses. Engravings are of Sailor Moon in 3 different poses, as well as one with Luna, Usagi's guardian cat.

Glasses can be purchased from Scollon Studio on Etsy for US$10. Head over to the store for more information, and be sure to snag one (or a whole bunch) for yourself!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.