It's been proved with a series of bread sofa beds that for one reason or another, people like the feeling of plopping themselves on a cushy, super soft loaf of bread. But it turns out that humans aren't the only species that enjoys this kind of tasty-looking furniture; chickens love them too, only when they sit on a bread-shaped cushion, they can end up turning into a chicken sandwich.

It wasn't until Japanese Twitter user @ememorin's pet chicken Momomi sat on a bread cushion that people came to this realization. One day, when @ememorin placed a bread-shaped cushion near Momomi, the chicken took a liking to his new seat and sat himself down.

As if this weren't cute enough, @ememorin realized there was another bread cushion in the house. Of course, the only thing there was left to do was put in on top of Momomi and turn him into a "chicken sandwich."

Needless to say, this is as close to being a chicken sandwich as Momomi will ever be. But now that he has a new favorite cushion, it's probably safe to say this won't be last time we'll be seeing this adorable version of a chicken sandwich.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.