Akiko DuPont, a Freelance Documentary Photographer based in Tokyo, Japan and London, says she has been taking pictures of her grandfather before she even quite knew how to use a camera. Thanks to that curious hobby and now profession, she's captured proof of just how wonderful and rejuvenating an influence a loving pet can have on a person's life!

Akiko's grandfather, who she calls Jiji, was normally a very bright and outgoing man as he commuted to work for 64 years since the end of World War II. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with an illness in 2009 and lost much of his joy around the house, becoming disinterested in life and grumpy. It turns out Akiko had a cure that goes beyond modern medicine for at least the grumpiness of a 94-year-old grandpa in the form of a cat named Kinako (Japanese for "roasted soybean flour", a reference to the kitty's colorful fur), who has built up a heartwarming bond with Jiji and returned a spark of happiness to his everyday life! Her photography series covering the special relationship of old spirit and feline friend show just how special the bond between a human and pet can be.

And if you need a little insight as to how what used to be a grumpy grandpa can live to 94 (aside from a purring kitty):

By - grape Japan editorial staff.