In recent years, Japanese social media has been embracing unofficial "holidays" with entertaining hashtags. These informal Japanese holidays are usually inspired by the various ways one can read the date of the month in the Japanese language, with February 22nd resulting in a duel between "Panties Day" and "Bunny Day" on Twitter. May 10th, or the numerical "5/10" can be read a number of different ways in Japanese, but for this particular day social media users have settled on 5 being read as "May" and 10 as "do" (ド)--resulting in the Japanese reading of "Maid". That makes 5/10 "Maid Day", and cosplayers, models, and art fans are taking to Twitter to show off their appreciation for the outfit that has become a subculture phenomenon and inspiration behind cafes and even gyms where maids train you to get jacked. Here are a few highlights of the day. If you'd like to search yourself, the hashtag is #メイドの日

By - grape Japan editorial staff.