Just a few minutes away from the bustling tourist hub of Senso-ji in Tokyo's Asakusa, there is a rather different kind of historical attraction to be found; dating back to 1853, Hanayashiki amusement park is regarded to be the oldest in Japan. While it has changed a lot since its early days as a flower park, its old-fashioned rides still offer a taste of what amusement parks were in days gone by.

The park is very small and it is quite possible to ride everything within just a few hours. Notable attractions include the park's oldest surviving attraction, Bikkuri House (Surprise House), the 60-year-old steel rollercoaster and the iconic Bee Tower. The latter offers great views over the park and the surrounding area of Asakusa. Of course, there are also plenty of amusement park staples to enjoy, such as the merry-go-round and panda cars. To enjoy the rides, you must buy tickets from one of the ticket booths or machines, in addition to a general admission fee to enter the park.

If you want to take a break from riding, you can get something to eat or drink from one of the park's several small food shops and relax while enjoying the small central garden, with its pretty pond and red bridge. At certain times of the year special events are held — for example, in the cherry blossom season you can enter the park after hours for their Night Sakura Beer Garden.

While it may not offer the same kind of white-knuckle thrills as Disneyland or Fuji-Q, Hanayashiki's quaint charms are well worth checking out for a more traditional Japanese theme park experience that the whole family can enjoy. To get a taste of the atmosphere, check out YouTuber Lisa Sometimes' video below!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.