Yes, you read that right — Japanese DJ ☆Taku Takahashi of hiphop group M-Flo just came out with a song made with pubic hair.

The song, In Motion, was created as part of the Pubic Hair Grooving project, for which the pubic hairs of 15 female participants were collected and generated into sound according to their various “waveforms.” ☆Taku Takahashi then made magic by adding some rhythm and catchy beats, ultimately producing a groovy dance song we could totally imagine hearing at a Tokyo nightclub:

Not all that surprisingly, the project was sponsored by Datumou Recipe, a research team specializing in hair removal. Although what anyone decides to do with their pubes is nobody’s business but their own, the project was set up in hopes for Japanese women to be more open about grooming “down there.” It’s interesting to note that not one female made an appearance in the video, and honestly, we can’t say any woman will be convinced of changing their personal habits by a song, albeit a creative one.

With that said, the tune itself still has us tapping our toes to the beat. If you're as surprised as we are at the musicality of a bunch of pubes, you can listen to the song in its entirety below:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.