Tokyo is a wonderful place to enjoy a variety of themed cafes and bars — whether you're in the mood to eat and drink surrounded by your favourite characters, accompanied by dancing robots, in a prison or in a church, there is something for every taste. Among the more unique offerings is Rokunen Yonkumi (6th year, class 4) — as you may be able to guess from the name, this izakaya is inspired by a Japanese elementary school classroom!

The tables and chairs closely resemble those found in Japanese elementary schools (complete with pencil pots and actual school workbooks), the drink menu is in the style of a notebook, and the staff are your teachers. You can even sit a "test" to check your knowledge of various subjects, and try on the traditional yellow hats and randoseru rucksacks sported by elementary school kids across the country. With such attention to detail, you'd be forgiven for feeling like you had really gone back to your school days.

Unlike a real elementary school, however, this classroom offers a variety of foods and alcoholic drinks to enjoy as your pore over your arithmetic and Japanese language textbooks. The drinks are particularly impressive, served in oversized test tubes and beakers to recall a science class.

So if you are curious about Japanese school life, nostalgic for your childhood, a fan of themed bars or simply wanting a good drink, be sure to stop by Rokunen Yonkumi! You can get a feel for what to expect by watching KemushiChan's YouTube video of her own visit.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.