Being there for the death of a pet is one of the hardest experiences in life, and the only way to really find solace is to hope that their time alongside us humans was filled with happiness. But sometimes we hear of little miracles that make us believe our animal best friends are still looking out for us, perhaps even paying a visit every now and again to see how we're doing.

A small miracle was what Japanese Twitter user @CRAZYMONKEY_Dub recently experienced one year after the death of his hamster. One day when out in the yard, he noticed a sunflower growing from the exact place he had buried his beloved critter.

I buried my pet hamster a year ago, and a sunflower recently started growing from its grave. I never scattered hamster food out there, so I think it grew from a sunflower seed that was still inside my hamster's cheek pouch. It's sad, but my heart feels more at ease now. I hope it grows into a strong, beautiful flower.🌻

The post resonated with thousands of people who had also lost their pets, and many shared their own memories of their animals in the comments. @CRAZYMONKEY_Dub vowed to do all he can to ensure that the sunflower will one day bloom into a splendent one, believing it's his hamster popping its head out of its home like it used to do.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.