Their seems to be a philosophy of kindness going on at Nintendo's customer support department, as they have a history of responding to adorable letters sent to them by kids. But even with their reputation for receiving heartfelt correspondence, they must have been taken aback with tears when they received a very special letter from Japanese Twitter user and father @kentarock1020's son--a blind fifth grader who simply wanted to thank Nintendo for his favorite video game--the only one he can play, but loves so much.

The son, Hibiki, was diagnosed with Binocular Retinoblastoma at just the age of one-and-a-half, and at the cost of young Hibiki's life being saved, he became completely blind. The text of the father's Tweet explains:

My oldest son is blind and has perfectly cleared every game in the Rhythm Tengoku series, which are a rhythm and music-based series, and the only games he can enjoy. He wrote a letter to Nintendo and a letter of response actually came! For them to be so sincere in a reply just for one person is god-like customer service. Nintendo and Tsunku-san (the musical producer of the series, who lost his voice to cancer), we are definitely awaiting the newest installment in the series.

Here is the touching letter Hibiki sent to Nintendo.

Dear Nintendo,

Nice to meet you. My name is Hibiki Sakai and I am in the fifth grade of elementary school. I'm blind, but I have always wanted to play video games just like everyone else does. But there really aren't that many games I can play. Of all the games I tried, the one I can actually play is Rhythm Tengoku. It's the only game I play with everyone else, and I've never lost to anyone. I was able to get perfect scores on the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Wii, and 3DS versions.

So I really really want you to make more Rhythm Tengoku games!! It's OK even if you make them a little more difficult!! I think there are plenty of other kids who want to play video games but can't because of visual impairments. So I definitely would like you to release more games that kids can play with their friends even if they have physical handicaps.

I will keep on supporting Nintendo.

From Hibiki Sakai.

We imagine that after reading that, it would be impossible not to respond. Not only did Nintendo reply, however, but they did so in a way that suggests they understood just how important it was for Hibiki to have a shot at enjoying a simple joy that he probably never imagined he could have, due to the cruelest of circumstances. As you can see in the original Tweet, not only did Nintendo send a letter back, they sent one in braille just for Hibiki to read!

Thank you very much for sending this heartwarming letter to Nintendo.

We are tremendously happy to hear that you could perfectly clear Rhythm Tengoku, Rhythm Tengoku Gold, Minna no Rhythm Tengoku, and Rhythm Tengoku The Best and enjoy the series.

We will be passing on Hibiki's letter to the Nintendo development department. We would like to continue to make games that everyone can enjoy, and we thank you very much for your support.

While Hibiki is clearly very good at the Rhythm Tengoku series, it turns out his perseverance in trying to enjoy all the things other kids can isn't limited to video games. He's extremely talented at playing the drums as well! Attention from this touching story have landed Hibiki an offer from Radio Osaka to come and perform at a drumming event. Check out his unwavering skills below.

Hibiki's passion and talent in both video games and music seems to be visual proof of a philosophy his father expressed to IT Media, saying that "It's easy to think that having a disability = unhappiness, but it's not having a disability that makes you unhappy, but having a spirit that loses to that disability."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.