Whether for cosplay, modeling, or the intended use, themed swimsuits have become a bit of a thing in Japan. Over the past year we've seen Shrine Maiden Swimsuits, and even Totoro Swimsuits in America. Japanese maker Moira Design seems to specialize in them, however, releasing hybrids such as Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform Swimsuits and Japanese P.E. Uniform Swimsuits. Now the maker is combining Chinese dresses (at least the Japanese image of them) with Japanese school swimsuits to release a Chinese Dress School Swimsuit.

You might find the design of the swimsuit to be something not many people would willingly hit the beach or pool with, but Moira Design is also a publisher of cosplay photo albums, so their products are largely a hit with professional cosplayers and models, many of which already model in Chinese dresses and school swimsuits--hence the combination piece. There is also a bit of fetishism for these type of dresses at Japanese hostess clubs and...um, other places! As you can see, it has diamond cuts on both front and back, and is low-cut at the legs. It is offered in two color combinations, red and gold, and blue and silver.

The red and gold variation is priced at 13,500 yen ($121.40 USD), while the blue and silver version is 14,999 yen ($134.89 USD).

Currently, the swimsuit is available at Japanese book and oddity shop Village Vanguard. Unfortunately, Village Vanguard only deals domestically, so if you hope to get your hands on it from abroad, you might want to search for Moira Design on Amazon, where their previous pieces have appeared shortly after. One other option is to order from Moira directly. If you click on the item you want, you can change currency and language to your own.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.