It's impossible to survive a hot and humid summer without a cold drink in hand, but place one on a table and there's a pretty good chance you'll be left with a giant puddle. It's one of the woes of carrying around an ice cold beverage in the midst of rising temperatures, but one that can be easily be eliminated with the help of a iced drink sock that can be slipped onto the bottom of a cold cup.

Made by Tokyo sock brand Hoffman, these adorable cozies will absorb the moisture that forms on the surface of cold cups, making sure your space stays nice and dry. Although it might not seem all that necessary at first, the thought of not having to worry about getting books, documents, and other items wet after taking a refreshing sip is pretty appealing.

These socks for iced drinks can be purchased online, while more information can be accessed via the Hoffman brand website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.