Why wear an ordinary t-shirt when you could be wearing one that will transform you into one of your favorite characters? All it takes is to lift up your shirt, pull the bottom part over your head, and voila! — you've instantly turned yourself into No Face from Spirited Away, or perhaps Ryuk from Death Note. This is what Japanese boxer brand Sharemon is allowing anime fans to achieve with their hilarious "CurveritT" t-shirts, which at the moment are available in 5 different versions:

No Face

While the front of the shirt says "Yes Face," flip it over your head and you'll be... No Face! (ha-ha)

Source: Amazon


"Something is going go appear," says the shirt. That something is, of course, the Slime from Dragon Quest.

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You may not have the Death Note, but you'll still be able to kick it with Ryuk as long as you're wearing this Death T-shirt.

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Cosplaying as an Eva has never been easier with this lazy mode of transformation.

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If you're more of a Marvel fan, this Spidey shirt might be more up your alley.

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Each shirt can be purchased from Amazon for 2,808 yen (US$25). While the shirts are in part made to be a casual alternative to an elaborate Halloween costume, they could just as well be worn every day. Even better, they'll be an easy way to impress colleagues and superiors when invited to an izakaya drinking party after work!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.