The last thing anyone wants are hands that smell like fish, but luckily that won’t be the result of using the Sushi Soaps offered by Regina of Soapopotamus. Despite their realistic appearance as ikura (salmon roe), ebi (shrimp), and salmon nigiri, this 3-piece sushi soap set instead has the pleasant fragrance of bento.

Now, anyone’s who has ever lifted the lid of a bento box midday is bound to know they don’t exactly smell like a 5-star meal — they usually just smell like unheated food. But while a bento-scented soap might sound peculiar at first, Regina reassures customers that her soaps focus on the aromas of common ingredients that are often found in bento boxes, or used to make the delicious foods inside them. She describes the scent as “inspired by the distinct aromas of simple Japanese food — sushi rice with mirin, a slightly sweet, zingy, hot wasabi and umeboshi — pickled plum.”

Source: Etsy

Even more interesting is that her handmade soaps are made with goat's milk, which, according to Regina, are highly moisturizing, gentle to sensitive skin, and contain restorative properties. Her set of 3 bars of sushi soap can be purchased on Etsy for $10.00.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.