It's not uncommon for goods from the Pokemon franchise make us raise our eyebrows, as seen with the enormous Snorlax pillow cushion that nearly consumed Japanese homes, but the item in question this time offers a little more utility than sleeping on top of the laziest creature in the Pokemon universe. However, that utility comes along with a jarring aesthetic in the form of a Portable USB phone charger in the shape of Pikachu--one that requires you plug the USB cable directly into the flagship Pokemon's butt!

As Nico Nico News points out, this isn't an official Pokemon Company release or even from Japan. It's being traced back to DH Gate, which is selling what seems to be a Chinese unlicensed product. Regardless of how official a release it is, the USB wall charger comes in the shape of Pikachu, and even features him striking a "charging" up pose so you can envision your phone getting voltage directly from the electrifying Pokemon.

Outside of the obvious imagery of harnessing the jolts of energy that spark about in Pikachu's anal cavity, the charger allows you to remove Pikachu's ears, revealing two prongs for you to plug into the wall.

The cord--one meter in length--also comes with two separate endings so you aren't limiting to use it for just one device.

The charger has been making some waves on Japanese social media as sort of a comedic abuse of poor Pikachu, but given that the country recently unveiled an actual Pikachu train, pretty much all releases in the name of the electrically cute Pokemon are welcome. The charger can be purchased from DH Gate with a variety of shipping options, although sites such as eBay seem to carry it for a little cheaper.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.