Osaka's Universal Studios Japan is making preparations for an expansion to their facilities called Super Nintendo World, which as the name should tell you, is a section of the park that will feature attractions in the theme of characters and scenery from the world of Nintendo. Much like the recently announced official Studio Ghibli theme park, you can likely already imagine several attractions, with perhaps a Mario Kart themed racing ride probably the most obvious. While the park isn't set to open until 2020, several recently released photos show off construction of the site, and an official teaser trailer for the section of the park has been released by Universal Studios Japan.

The world of Nintendo, which features everything from castles to lush green landscapes and fun mini-games, seems like a seamless fit for an amusement park. With an increasingly more interactive trend in video games, and Nintendo's fondness for multiplayer enjoyment, it's no wonder that the park promises to use state-of-the-art technology to bolster it's attractions and bring the world of Nintendo to life. As you can see, the Super Nintendo World in the trailer strongly resembles the conceptual art previously released, signifying that there is a layout and aesthetic possibly settled on.

Some recent pictures reveal that construction is underway, and you can spot Piranha Plants, pipes, and the familiar brick structure of many Super Mario stages.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.