In Japan, the month of June is often associated with picturesque gardens of blossoming hydrangeas, but award-winning Japanese photographer Hisanori Manabe knows there is another gift of nature waiting to be discovered during the night.

In the outskirts of the city where nature is lush, fireflies can be seen drifting down like glowing raindrops during this time of year. Hoping to capture this magical scene through the lens of his camera, Manabe waited in the dark to immortalize some of the most beautiful moments of his journey.

According to Manabe, fireflies come out around 7:30 PM and gradually start lessing in number from about 9:00 PM, so it's best to go see them early on in the evening. He also makes it an effort to note that they are very delicate creatures, and those who head out to see them should follow these simple rules:

1. Don't shine light on the fireflies as it will frighten them.

2. Help keep their environment clean. Don't litter!

3. The lifespan of fireflies is approximately 10 days. Don't take any home, no matter how pretty they are.

Manabe plans to continue taking photographs of fireflies in various locations throughout Japan. To see his newest photos and more, visit him on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.