For one reason or another, tea bags have become a source of creativity for tea companies looking to bring some more excitement to a delicious cup of their best blends. Tea bags have been released in all different shapes and sizes, although many of them seem to be made to emphasize their uniqueness rather than how tempting they are to drink. Just a few examples would be the giant isopod tea bags, ninja and samurai tea bags, and a "sweaty" tea bag shaped like a big-breasted woman.

Newly joining the bunch is the jellyfish tea bag sold by Japanese retailer Village/Vanguard. Not only will this tea bag transform into a serenely floating jellyfish inside the cup, the butterfly pea-flavored tea will reveal itself as a beautiful blue ocean!

The jellyfish tea is part of the ocean-teabag series which has previously released tea bags shaped like dolphins, sharks, and even cats (which, obviously, don't live in the ocean). The jellyfish tea bag can be purchased online for 1,820 yen (US$16.56), and the rest of the series can be seen here. Purchases made now are scheduled to be shipped in late June.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.