We've seen some curious designs from eKod Works, a Japanese fashion retailer that brands themselves with "humorous art and design", before. In the past they've gained popularity with releases such as tights that put the whole universe under your skirt, shirts that let your babies grow a tail from their butts, and even a necklace of a man diving in to explore your cleavage. Their latest release is in line with some of their other "Delusion Mapping" breast-themed fashion, this time offering a T-shirt that uses an optical illusion grid to make it appear as if the wearer has a large bust.

A view from the front manipulates perspective and uses distortion and clever shading in its design to make it appear as if chest of the person wearing the shirt is fighting for room in a tight fit, but a view from the side will show you that it's all a simple illusion.

As long as no one is looking at you from the side, even a loose-fitting shirt gives the impression of volume. A quick look at other shirts in the eKod Works Delusional Mapping lineup, such as the "exposed breast shirt", will show you that the point doesn't really seem to be targeting people with insecurities but rather a humorous means of showing off their "t-shirt technology", or showing how easily the human eye can be deceived with their patterns.

The shirt, and others in the lineup, are available from a variety of retailers. For domestic release in Japan, eccentric bookstore and oddity shop Village Vanguard has the shirts available. eKod Works also has the shirt available from their Japanese order page, and it should shortly show up on their international page as well. Japan Trend Shop carries other Delusional Mapping T-shirts, so it is likely that they will make this shirt available as well. It's priced at 3,888 yen ($35.46 USD).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.