When you want to close that distance with someone you're into, but not quite over that "friends" phase. Japan has the perfect tool for you. Meet the "H-Tent".

If you sleep in the same tent, then things might get a little awkward, but perhaps you don't want to be completely isolated from each other by sleeping in separate tents.

The H-Tent will give you that, uh, something in the middle.

As the name suggests, the tent is H-shaped, with independent sleeping spaces for two people. The "bridge" in the middle is the shared space. In Japanese slang, however, "H" is also a not so official abbreviation for "hentai", which refers to sexual perversion. Moreso, it refers to the Japanese word "ecchi", or sex, with the pun being that "H" phonetically sounded out in Japanese is..."ecchi". The tent's maker, Doppelganger Outdoor, acknowledges the pun but stresses that the shape is made for providing safe symmetry to developing friendships. Clearly they didn't want to confuse people. (They totally did, though.)

You can use the shared space like a small living room, or you could place some things there to create a little more privacy.

Having your personal sleeping space is good when you don't want to wake the other person up, or when you don't want to expose your sleeping face to others, so there's at least a semblance of practicality here not related to balancing the murky waters of in between friendship and romance. .

Perhaps this H-Tent could help bridge the gap in developing relationships. Doppelganger Outdoor provides the tent, but it can also be acquire on Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.