Japan, especially in the SNS circle, is getting excited about otters. Now, a group of otter-loving SNS users have gathered up to do an exhibition entitled "Kawauso Honto Ten" at "TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO" (Tokyo).

At the exhibition, you will see works by ponchan918, mako and others who are popular in Japan's otter-infatuated social media circle.

Works by otter photographer and university professor Jyunichi Sato will also be shown. All in all, the exhibition is expected to feature over 200 works.

There will also be a shop with over 2000 items, including stuffed animals and handmade ottergoods.

A pet that's easy to take care of?

Otter owners love their pets because otters naturally form a pack, they communicate well with their owners. You can not only toilet-train them, but can also teach some tricks too.

Having said that, it's important to provide a right environment for otters if you do decide to welcome them into your family, according to Jyunichi Sato.

By showing otters in natural and domestic habitat, this exhibition allows visitors to learn more about otters.

You can, of course, focus on enjoying the photos of these cute creatures instead. If you are in Tokyo, why not go and take a look?

Kawauso Honto Ten

July 7-July 23, 2017 (Open 11:00-19:00)
Venue: TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO (Floor 5, Asakusabashi 5-27-6, Daito-ku, Tokyo)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.