From what we've seen so far, we know that otters are masters at squeaking adorably and relaxing in a much-deserved foot bath. It turns out they're super acrobatic too, as Japanese Twitter user @Nagisa_scope witnessed during a trip to the Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Desperate for a little quality playtime with its keeper, the otter bit onto a towel as it showed off some major dangling, swinging, and spinning skills to a crowd of excited park guests. While it was clearly having the time of its life, it appeared that the keeper was getting a pretty intense workout in her forearms as she took a quick break to rub her tired muscles. So long as we have energy to spare, it might be worth bringing along a small towel to our own playdates with a fun-loving otter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.