Since its inception, Shiba Inu and Akita run the canine corner of social media in Japan, with thousands of daily posts of adorable antics and hilarious mishaps to wade through. Sometimes it gets difficult to keep track of all the good boys and girls running around Japan, so we've put together a list of the goodest of good doggos to help you out whenever you need to take the edge off whatever stress you've been feeling in life. Here are the dogs from Japan that have been earning their treats and belly rubs the most from Japan.

Miku, the quickest food-snatching Shiba in the East!

Uni, the happy-go-lucky Shiba who makes sure the park equipment is never neglected.

This chilly puppy, who knows exactly how we all feel in the Winter.

This Shiba, who perfectly shows the motivational power of food.

The amazing Stilts-Shiba, who never misses a step with their human!

Whenever this Shiba sees the neighborhood dog walking buy, an adorably heartbreaking dance routine breaks out.

Spider-Shiba Fuji, who will stop at nothing to catch a glimpse of his best doggo friend.

This buff truck-driving Shiba hunk, who probably passes by all the girls saying "Need a lift?"

Maru, who doesn't mind being turned into the Shiba version of pigs-in-a-blanket.

Rie, who is super proud of shedding her weight in fur.

This Shiba, whose demonstration of touched up pics vs. reality should be a PSA on why not to trust purikura photo booths in Japan.

Yume, whose quest for romance ended in adorably dramatic heartbreak, as told by this four panel dog romance "manga".

Ryuji, said to be one of the cheekiest and most expressive dogs in Japan!

Roco, A.K.A. "Stupid Sexy Shiba!"

Source: @shibainu_roco

Source: @shibainu_roco

This Shiba Inu, who actually started a viral trend called the "water flea" pose on Japanese Twitter.

Wasabi, Japan's first ever Japan’s First-Ever Shiba Inu Ball Boy.

Ginjirou, who had a pretty sudden reaction to learning he was headed to the vet, and not going for a walk.

Maru, only this time showing off the inseparable bond between him and his beloved polar bear stuffed animal.

"Please don't feed us, it will upset our stomachs."

And finally, Saki, Ibuki, and Hazuki showing just how patient a trio of Shiba Inu can be!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.