These days it seems like the whole of Tokyo is engaged in a competition to create the most aesthetically pleasing desserts possible. For the most magical cheesecakes you've ever seen, it's worth taking a trip down to A Works Cafe, a short walk from Gakugeidaigaku station.

Tokyo's Amazing Rainbow and Unicorn Cheesecakes

A Works boasts a whole wealth of original flavours for their famous cheesecakes, and every day a few are selected to offer their customers. Each slice is as delicious as it is beautiful and you'll be tempted to buy one of each variation.

Flavours include Rainbow,

Source: © Grape Japan

The perfect rings of colour make this dessert incredibly satisfying to look at. It comes with a slice of lemon in a metal squeezer to add fresh juice as you please.

Unicorn Cotton Candy,

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Ask for a slice of unicorn cheesecake and a whimsical cloud of cotton candy will be carefully arranged on top for you. The unicorn flavours vary but the one above was an eccentric mix of chocolate mint and banana.

Caramel Pumpkin,

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Perfect for the autumn season and giving off 'Beauty and the Beast' vibes.

Many other flavours are also available, you just have to make your way to the cafe and see what's on the menu for that day. Some creations are seasonal, but favourites such as the rainbow cheesecake are firm staples. The cafe re-opened recently, so this is the perfect time to grab a slice of the fun!

A Works

Address: 2-23-20 Chuo Machi, Meguro, Tokyo (see website for map)
Hours: 11:30AM〜10:00PM
Open Saturday, Sunday, Monday
A Works Website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.