Ishoku hada (異色肌), "different colored skin" or "unique skin" may not be the most practical form of Japanese creative fashion, but it's definitely the most colorful. The bright and brilliant use of body paint takes inspiration from both popular fiction and applies some of Japan's previously popular fashion trends, seeking to emulate the eccentric appearance of characters from video games, manga, and anime. Now DJ, model, and self-professed otaku Miyako and her crew are turning heads on Twitter with maybe the most vibrant display of the otherworldly look yet.

Miyako tells Grape Japan that she's been active on her own in cosplay for a while, but along with her interest in video games and anime, has been fascinated with "gyaru" fashion trends, looking up to the heavy tan and makeup-based Ganguro, Yamanba, and Manba fashion styles, noting in an interview with Huffington Post Japan that she admires the gaudy and flashy essence of the entire scene.

She eventually found herself connecting with other models and cosplayers, and a recent photoshoot at Kabukicho's American Bar & Cafe Ren has drawn attention to just how varied and vibrant ishoku hada can be.

While just about anything you can imagine exists at the end of at least one Tokyo alleyway, and adventurous fashion trends are frequently on display, ishoku hada is far from common, and more of a niche style you will find at gatherings and events specifically made for enthusiasts. The style takes the super-tanned style of "gyaru" to a new level, however, fully embracing body paint that Miyako says takes hours to prepare. The adrenaline rush she gets from diving into glitzy world is something she even calls "makeup therapy", and a perfect outlet for the otaku girl who admired gyaru fashion since being a little girl.

Ishoku hada might not be the easiest to pull off of Japan's fashion subcultures, but the style that combines popular gyaru fashion with video game and anime character inspiration may have found the sweet spot in the Venn Diagram of Japanese otaku hobbyists and fashion enthusiasts, and photo events like Miyako and her friends pulled off may give the style a brighter spotlight.

It's even getting popular enough to inspire some nifty fan art.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.