During Fall of 2016, Japanese confectionery brand Meiji released what they dubbed the "perfect bar of chocolate." Named THE Chocolate, chocolate bars from this series are made with only the highest-quality cacao beans from select regions in the world, and are even carved with beautiful patterns to bring out the best flavors. But the elegant taste of these chocolates is not the only thing that has caught the eye of consumers throughout the country — those who have walked down the chocolate aisle of the grocery store will surely have noticed the beautiful packaging of THE Chocolate bars as well.

Though the chocolates themselves have garnered their own massive fanbase, the boxes they come in have also been greatly admired by artists and crafty chocolate-lovers. Taking inspiration from the colorful patterns that embellish the box, many Japanese Twitter users have harnessed their creativity into a wide range of handmade projects.

One artist turned a 100-yen watch into a gorgeous clock,

While many others cut out differently shaped pieces to build their own original creations.

Meiji has continued to come out with new flavors since THE Chocolate's initial release, which for these artists mean a greater palette of colors and patterns to choose from. For anyone looking for a casual (or not so casual) project to dabble in during their free time, THE Chocoate boxes will serve as material and a sweet snack to munch on.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.