If there’s one thing that’s better than taking a bite of a cake as soft as a cloud, it’s eating a kawaii chiffon cake of our favorite anime characters. No one is better at this than Susanne Ng, who as a baker and founder of Loving Creations For You has made more cute desserts in her life than we've ever devoured.

A stay-at-home mom living in Singapore, Ng shares creative and deco chiffon cakes on her blog and Instagram that look more like adorable stuffed toys than baked goods. Joined by Phay Shing, they not only make cakes but also decorative macarons, chiffon pops, cupcakes, and more. Because of Ng’s love for Japanese anime, many of their edible masterpieces are of popular kawaii characters like Gudetama, Doraemon, and Pikachu! Below are just some of their squeal-worthy chiffon cakes:






Neko Atsume





Ng isn't afraid to share her secrets, either, and has published a number of recipe books for fellow home bakers. To see more of her character chiffon cakes, make sure to visit her blog and Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.