"I'm starting to think it's absolutely nuts to have to commute to work in this blazing hot weather." This kind of thought has surely crossed the minds of anyone whose commute resembles anything like walking to the station in the heat of the scorching sun, getting packed like sardines onto a humid train, and arriving at the office drenched in sweat. Why go to such unpleasant lengths to do work that can be done at home, or go to meetings that can be attended virtually?

This is what @GOROman, CEO of VR content production company XVI, realized this summer. Knowing there must be a way to alleviate the woes of summertime commutes for himself and his employees, he did what he does best — create a VR work system that allows employees to "commute" without even leaving their house. Better yet, they'll be replaced by cute teddy bears that will sit at their desks during their (physical) absence.

The idea itself was executed by @TyounanMOTI, an engineer at XVI. With the implementation of this "teddy bear employee" VR system, both @GOROman and @TyounanMOTI believe that they'll soon be able to allow all of their workers — including the receptionists — to bask in the liberty of working from home.

This does bring forth the question of whether an office is necessary at all, but that's an argument for another day. While there are certainly benefits to working in-house, giving employees the option of commuting virtually (and being temporarily replaced with an adorable avatar of sorts) could change the work culture of Japan completely.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.