Having made her mark in the world as a Japanese plus-size comedian (who does a mean impression of Beyoncé, by the way), Naomi Watanabe isn’t afraid to keep it real if it means playing her part in empowering women and spreading body positivity. Her strong mindset has contributed to her well-established career not just as a comedian, but also a model and fashion designer. In fact, she’s proven that nothing can make her abandon her silly antics and self-deprecating humor, not even a highly-coveted collaboration with Vogue.

Watanabe, who is known for her bright and colorful fashion as she is for her humor, was recently featured in a Beauty Secrets video by Vogue. In the video series, famous celebrities share their regular makeup routines, creating what is essentially a “get ready with me” video. But what they don’t usually showcase are the less glamorous parts of the process, like the dirty cosmetic brushes and not-so-flattering facial expressions.

Of course, that’s all you get — aside from some impressive finger blending skills and overall gorgeous look — in Watanabe’s Guide to Glitter Eyes and Bold Lips. It’s basically the most relatable makeup video ever, which makes it unsurprising that viewers all over the world can’t get enough of it.

Watanabe said on Instagram:

The time has come...
My debut on American Vogue....
I did the entire video in Japanese.....
Someone from Vogue sitting nearby said they had no idea what I was saying, but I still made them laugh. THANK YOU💗


Finally, a stunning makeup video we can actually relate to.

Source: YouTube

From dirty eyeshadow palettes and 5-year-old blushes,

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to weird ways to dry out lash glue.

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Still, the results are more gorgeous than ever.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.