When it comes to crowd-pleasing magic tricks, the "tablecloth trick"--yanking a tablecloth out from underneath a set table and leaving the plates intact--doesn't leave a lot of margin for error. So imagine the added pressure of replacing the table with your own naked body, and the plates with cups of piping hot tea. That's a nightmare Japanese comedian uespiiiiii (ウエスP) must contend with when he performs his "Dangerous Tablecloth Pull" trick, which relies on the not very reliable cooperation of cooling fans and vacuum cleaners to pull a tablecloth supporting cups of hot tea from his body--including his private parts.

He's appeared on numerous Japanese television programs, showing off what is no doubt a strange and niche, but nonetheless very courageous performance art. uespiiiiii says he's practiced the trick countless times without stopping, which is probably why he's so confident being naked around hot tea and spinning fan propellers. You can check out the "evolution" of his trick below, in a video that features several different positions and uh..."techniques!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.