Hidden in some of Japan's more sprawling metropolises are "yokocho", alleyways that are typically jam-packed with cozy drinking establishments, as well as smokey and adventurous eateries. One of the most famous of these is the nostalgic Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho (Shinjuku "Memory Lane"--although it is sometimes less glamorously called "Piss Alley" or "Drunkard's Alley"), which offers a friendly collection of tiny bars and restaurants that seat you elbow-to-elbow with other patrons in a neighborhood that to this day carries an atmosphere reflective of post WWII Japan's izakaya.

A recently opened yokocho in Tokyo is offering the same assortment of drinks and food, but they're throwing in the added bonus of being able to dress up as your favorite fictional characters while waiters in cosplay serve you. Fittingly, it's called Cosplay Yokocho, or Cosplay Alley.

Cosplay Yokocho isn't actually a designated alleyway, but one step inside may have you fooled. It's actually a wide open food court, but with decor, spacing, and offerings reminiscent of the famous pub-lined Tokyo alleyways that attract so many guests. Much like an actual yokocho, a variety of food and drink that includes teppanyaki, fried foods and meat skewers, seafood, wine and cheese shops, and even a cake shop, will be offered. From pictures on social media, it looks like a great opportunity to sample different types of Japanese pub food in one go.

Waiters will be sporting their own cosplay, which according to the official Twitter account, consists of a rotation of popular Japanese animation and video game costumes. Cosplay Yokocho also offers costume rentals, but only for female customers. All customers are free to attend in costumes brought from home, however, and there is a changing room on the spot should you not want to wander the streets of Tokyo dressed in full-blown anime gear.

Cosplay Yokocho also has its own rental photography studio, as well as a system that allows customers to exchange points earned at establishments for discount tickets. All in all, it's essentially a tucked away cosplay dining and drinking village!

Access information can be found below.

Cosplay Yokocho (コスプレ横丁)

東京都台東区根岸1-1-14 劇場型横丁(コスプレ横丁)

Cosplay Yokocho, Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Negishi 1-1-14

Open from 5:00 PM-11:00 PM

By - grape Japan editorial staff.