It's heart melting just being on the receiving end of affection from a cat, but many Japanese cat-lovers are seeking the attentions of felines with "lucky" spots on their fur. Perhaps the most recent of this trend has been to look for kitties with heart-shaped patterns, which surprisingly seem to be quite common. But one Japanese Twitter user came across a stray cat with a spot unlike any he had ever seen before, not even in the bottomless pit of social media pictures.

The irresistible feline that made @TOKAITRICK_bot do a double take was a stray black-and-white cat with a black, cat-shaped spot just under its nose.

Once seen, it's hard not to keep staring at the "cat within a cat." The stray seems pretty confused at why it's getting so much attention, but little does it know that it's actually two kitties in one!

But many Twitter users also noticed the cat, as well as the other felines, were not living in the best of conditions. Taking consideration of such comments, @TOKAITRICK_bot revealed that he is currently preparing to get the cats to an animal shelter, where hopefully they will fully regain their health and each find forever homes.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.