In early 2016, Tokyo-based illustrator Andrew Joyce and art director David Robert began paying tribute to magazines like The New Yorker and The Parisianer with a project they called The Tokyoiter. Inviting illustrators residing in Japan to draw Tokyo through their own eyes, they placed the various artworks sent in by fellow “drawing freaks” on imaginary covers of the (imaginary) Tokyoiter magazine.

Each cover is meant to be a unique testimony of the daily experiences and cultural idiosyncrasies that make Tokyo so fascinating. So far, they’ve gathered 30 artworks that are on exhibit online for the rest of the world to enjoy. Many focus on the traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture that seem to coexist in harmony, while others celebrate the gusto of the city and inspiring stories of the city dwellers.

Below are 10 works of cover art revealed so far by The Tokyoiter. To see them all, head over to their website!

Source: Niikura Sachiyo/The Tokyoiter

Source: Alessandro Bioletti/The Tokyoiter

Source: Luis Mendo/The Tokyoiter

Source: Fern Choonet/The Tokyoiter

Source: Shinpei Onishi/The Tokyoiter

Source: Shindo Keiko/The Tokyoiter

Source: Rob McMaster/The Tokyoiter

Source: Julien Mercier/The Tokyoiter

Source: Mateusz Urbanowicz/The Tokyoiter

Source: Ryoko Ichikawa/The Tokyoiter

By - grape Japan editorial staff.